Throughout my life, like most people, I have collected memories associated with certain vehicles. Here are just a few.

My 1971 Chevy Nova

This is the only car I have ever owned. I bought it off some grandma in Connecticut in 2000 and have since driven more than 55,000 miles in it, with trips as far as Philly and Washington DC.

It is a lime-green 4-door sedan with a straight-six cylinder 250 cubic inch engine.



The car rental place was out of economy size cars, so they gave Craig and I this Golden PT Cruiser to take on a trip to Columbus, Ohio.

The top photo was taken next to a sunflower field on the way, and the video, below, documents the golden rocket going airborn over some railroad tracks (note the sound of Shane giggling after touchdown). Unfortunately the soundtrack of Minor Threat inside the car is inaudible in this video clip.


Lister's Plymouth Valiant parked in front of the Boarding House.

I remember, vividly, going about 90 miles per hour in this car with Lister down Lincoln Road in Hyannis; his boombox playing Iron Maiden as loud as it would go.


The Kentucky-bound White Whale.

Note the stuffed, tie-dyed porpoise strapped to the roof and the banana peel on the ground.


On a trip to Bard College in New York with the Fleece, Rob Kelly laughed so hard that he had the reverse chocolate sprays out the window.


Dawn Lynch's yellow BuickSkylark; RIP


This van carried a group of my friends and me on a trip to Montreal. These photos were taken on the side of the road where we slept.

Note the pair of Dave's almost-definitely-smelly feet in the window in the photo below. Also note that the only bathing that took place for anyone on this trip was in a public swimming pool. It was a dirty trip, indeed.