I should make a disclaimer here that this page is going to take forever to load; there are more than 200 photos here. But be patient, they are all worth the wait.

This first group of photos were originally posted on Cobra Snake's ultra-hip party photo page. You might think that having a shirtless photo on the same site with a bunch of bikini models and such would mean that I was collecting supermodels' phone numbers left and right; however, I regret to inform you that this first photo was taken as I was desperately trying to escape dehydration. You can't see it here, but my pants were 100% soaked in my own sweat. It was fun, nonetheless (note the smile).

Now THAT'S glamour, baby.

Dr Cube

The Grudyin: Party Animal

This next set of photos was taken by the lovely Malia James in a special photobooth room set up just for Kaiju. They were originally posted on the Kiptone Recordings media page.

Louden Noxious with DW Cycloptopuss III

Casper is a fantastic chap.

Rama is a fun guy.

Best photo from that night:

Mick Jagger strut

It probably goes without saying that this woman was out of control

Second best photo of the night:

I could tell you the story about this girl, but you wouldn't believe me. I'll just say that it doesn't involve undergarments.



Dr Cube

The Grudyin

Perfect end of the night for the Grudyin

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