Unique Characters

It was sometimes hard to justify the exclusion of all of my friends' photos here. Nevertheless, this is a small collection of some of the unique humans I have had the pleasure of photographing. My only regret is not having more photos of all the odd people I have come in contact with throughout my life, because there are much more of them than are represented here.

If you have never met any of these characters, this photo essay definitely will not have the same affect on you; sorry.

The Benchlady knows no season when it comes to sitting on her bench for up to 7 hours at a time.


Mike the Bum teaching the kids how to truely rock it.

Rumor has it that Mike had this guitar smashed over his head by another bum.


Here lies Dead-bum.

No, he wasn't really dead.


Paul Villani and Patrick “Corey” Griggs hanging from a tree.

I would have paid $100 to have this photo come out better.


Snakeman with Nydam.

Snake-man is more of a phenomenon than can be explained in one paragraph.


Like many photos I have taken of my friends to be later uncovered, I have no idea what was going on in this photo other than to say that Pants-bum is pinching Lister's butt.


The PZA and his bride.

PZA worked at Papa Gino's, so he decided it was appropriate to get a tattoo that labeled him “the PZA”.


Dead-bum's Canadian counter-part.

He was also alive, but, like the Hyannis Dead-bum, I'm not sure to what extent.


Patrick Griggs with his prom date.

Don't let go.