Night Of The Spooks

All the Spooks chase you down the street
It's your brains they really wanna eat
From the Spooks you'd better run away
Or it's you that they are gonna slay

Spooks! Spooks! Night of the Spooks!

All the Spooks are loose in your town
They're gonna chase you and pin you on the ground
You're so scared 'cause soon you'll be dead
And they'll suck the eyeballs straight from your head

Monstrosity Or Puberty?

I saw the moon, full and bright
That's when I needed to take a bite
So I found a girl out on the street
And in her neck I sank my teeth

I took her corpse down to the lake
That's when I got a terrible ache
Hair started growing on my face
And also every other place

My teeth and nails both grew so long
That's when I knew that something was wrong
So I slept until the next day
By then the feeling had gone away

It had gone away, but just for then
'Cause next full moon it'll happen again

The Monster March

Run in a circle with your friends
You know the shape that never ends
Then swing your arms above your head
And don't forget to raise the dead

When the Monster March's begun
In a circle you will run
So jump around, fast as you can
But beware of the Boogey Man

The Monster March gets adrenalin pumpin'
In the circle you'll be jumpin'
As you jump and run around
Zombies crawl up from the ground

When the Monster March's begun
In a circle you will run
So jump around, fast as you can
But beware of the Boogey Man

Now Kick your feet into the sky
And if you fall you're gonna die!

Trick Or Treat

All the little kids say trick or treat
They just want some of my candy to eat
But when I show them my big fangs
They wont wanna come around here again

Trick or treat…
Better watch out what you eat!

The little kids come dressed up as ghouls
But coming here just made them stupid fools
They made a mistake knocking on my door
My poison candy sends them to the morgue

Trick or treat…
Better watch out what you eat!

The ones I dont like will feel some pain
I'll stick a stake into their brain
Then with an axe cut off their head
And make sure all the little ones are dead...

Trick or treat…
Better watch out what you eat!

Message From Mars

You'd better run and hide
You'd better go inside
For they'll come in the night
With their big bright lights

Message from Mars: We're gonna get you
Message from Mars: We're gonna eat you
Message from Mars: We're gonna dissect you
Message from Mars: You're gonna die

They're gonna tear you apart
These horrific men from Mars
So be prepared to fight
And don't die of great fright

Death Dungeon

If you are acting oh so bad
And making the leaders very mad
For you they have a secret spot
That smells like crap and is very hot

Death Dungeon!

They'll strap you down on the block
So you can get eaten by their pet hawk
Or else they'll drown you in molten lead
And maybe even cut off your head

Death Dungeon!

There's skulls and bones scattered on the ground
And a man in a mask who walks around
But if you think about talking back
Well, that is when he takes out the axe

Shred Yer Head

Let's Shred!
We're gonna shred your head
Shred till it's dead
We're gonna shred your head



Evil Zombies

Late in the evening when the moon is still full and bright
If you go to the cemetery you will see an awful sight
The ground begins to break and hands go in the air
There is no turning back, for this is a living nightmare

When you see then you will run, you will try to hide
But you can not kill them for they have already died

They will never rest in peace until they know you're dead
You will need a human's flesh to keep these beings well fed
You can shoot them in the head but they have no brain
it doesn't matter what you do, they can feel no pain

Just like normal people until they bite your face
The point of these evil zombies: Destroy the human race!

Spoon For Brains

The next time you see a hearse go by
You know you'll be the next to die
They'll wrap you up in a big white sheet
And send you down about six feet deep

The worms crawl in,
The worms crawl out,
The worms start living inside your snout

And me without my spoon!

Yer Gonna Die

Yer gonna die—

We're gonna beat you up
We'll cut you with an axe
Put a hammer to your head
And give you a heart attack