Frederick Law Olmsted info booklet 7 × 10 inches, 14 pages (including front and back covers) – Fall 2004


This booklet was made for the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts, and was meant to serve as an informational guide to the life and local work of America's pioneer landscape architect, focusing on the parks of the Emerald Necklace.

One of Olmsted's design principles was to design organic natural spaces that would fit into the heart of the hard corners of the urban landscape. This was a principle I tried to bring in to my page designs by integrating the natural organic shapes of the tress branches with the solid, rectilinear blocks of type; they live and breathe within the same page, and even brush up against each other now and then, but are never trying to take the other over.

All text set in Eric Gill's Joanna.

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