Audubon Circle narrative booklet 8 × 8 inches, 8 pages (including front & back cover); Fall 2004

spread #2 from the booklet

This booklet was the result of an assignment to create a narrative booklet based on the area in and around Audubon Circle, at the border of Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts.

Like any city block, this one, at the intersection of Beacon St and Park Drive, has it's own character. Audubon Circle, as I saw it, was the perfect image of an area on the border of the city. It is not as congested and noisy as downtown Boston, but definitely isn't as quiet and peaceful as the back roads of Brookline.

I used this characteristic of the area as a base for the short story I wrote to be the text of the booklet…

spread #1 from the booklet In the story a young student is entering the city preparing for his new city life…

spread #2 from the booklet (again) as a seasoned Boston native is leaving to seek recluse in her new suburban home.

spread #3 from the booklet In a crosswalk in Audubon Circle they bump shoulders and stop for a moment before continuing on their way.