MyWeek interactive weekly stress calendar 800 × 600 pixels – Flash; Fall 2004

MyWeek as a visual form

This limited function prototype was developed in an attempt to take a complex concept, such as my weekly schedule in relation to my stress level, and put it in to a visual, interactive form. (click the image above to launch the Flash movie, but keep in mind it is only a semi-functional prototype. To reset the movie, click on the top title.)

Note that the data used is not 100% accurate (I don't think anyone could survive on this kind of a cycle).

I chose the circular form to represent the cyclical patterns of a normal week during the school year.

screenshots from MyWeekThe main goal was to use interactive comparison and selective highlighting to visualize patterns (and variations within) that would not be as obvious in any other form; for instance, a definite pattern can be seen in my sleep schedule, represented by blue in the image above. The small chunk of time on Thursday when I would normally nap also stands out since it is unlike the other blue time periods. Patterns could also be seen in my stress level as it rises and lowers throughout the week.

Another issue that was important was the one of micro versus macro: I wanted to have my entire week glanceable while still leaving the option to see the details of a single span of time (possible by clicking directly on a time block; also shown above).