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I never stop designing, so check back often

Modern Day Type Specimen BookA Modern Day Type Specimen Book

detailed record of the process involved with developing my senior degree project in graphic design at MassArt

MyWeek interactive calendarMyWeek interactive calendar

visual, interactive representation of my week, including activities and stress levels for comparison

Fire of Life posterFire of Life poster

silkscreen printed; to promote an "Apocalyptic Rock Opera"

Boston Ink poster Boston Ink poster

silkscreen printed; to promote an exhibition of printing from Boston at the Boston Public Library

Ambient logotype Ambient logotype

for an innovative technology devices company

Audubon Circle bookletAudubon Circle booklet

short story about Audubon Circle (in Boston) written, illustrated, and designed by me

North South Rail Link interactive map North South Rail Link interactive map

used to advocate a proposed commuter rail connection between Boston's North and South Stations

Sargent typefaceSargent typeface

inspired by colonial gravestone typography

Letterpress booklet Letterpress booklet

illustrated information on the history, significance, and function of letterpress printing

Valentine's Fiesta flyerValentine's Fiesta flyer

silkscreen printed; promoting a mexican themed Valentine's Day party

Meatland typefaceMeatland typeface

designed after old hand-painted butcher shop signage

For The Love Of Letters posterFor The Love Of Letters poster

letterpress printed; to promote an exhibition of letterpress printing at the Massachusetts College of Art

Planet Calendar Planet Calendar

Calendar which represents the corresponding positions of the Moon, Earth, and Sun over one year

Plan 9 typefacePlan 9 typeface

in memory of Edward D. Wood, Jr; inspired by his infamously bad sci-fi / horror film, Plan 9 From Outer Space

Fires in the Mirror bookletFires in the Mirror booklet

typographically illustrates multiple viewpoints of the Crown Heights riots using text from Fires in the Mirror

Hatch Show Print posterHatch Show Print poster

letterpress printed; to promote a presentation at MassArt by Hatch Show Print's Jim Sherraden

He Was A Young American (CONSUMER)He Was A Young American (CONSUMER)

booklet taking a humorous look at the role of corporate consumer products in the life of a young man

What's Cooking cookbookWhat's Cooking cookbook

a group effort to create a cookbook that caters specially to the needs of kids growing up with cancer

Frederick Law Olmsted bookleFrederick Law Olmsted booklet

with information on the life and work of the founder of American landscape archtecture